Cant upload a photo on IFC

Hello! I don’t know how to upload a photo on infinite flight. I have tried everything! Can somebody help me out?
(Im on mobile)

Are you pressing this button?

What’s happening when you press this button? Is it showing up at all?

Yes! It doesn’t show up.

Yes bur it doesn’t showing up

What device are you on?

Did you try completely quitting the Discourse app from multitasking and then re-opening it?

Yes! My device is Xiaomi. I have tried everything but its still doesn’t show up.

Can you grab a screenshot and show us how it looks?

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I can’t! It doesn’t let me.

Of course not, that’s the issue. Stupid of me :)

If so, we can’t do much more than clearing out browser cache. You need to go to the settings for your browser and clear out all cache and website data. You might also want to try out a different browser in case that doesn’t help.

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Yes! Tysm.

Thanks for helping me!

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