Can't update to 21.1

So I can’t update to 21.1.
Device: Samsung galaxy tab A 2019 Android 10 (got it new I don’t know if its 64 bit or not idk how to check)

The weird thing to me is my Samsung galaxy s10 runs the update.

If there is anything I can do thank you!

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Unfortunately the Tab A runs a 32-bit version of Android. No clue why Samsung decided to do things like that considering it’s got a 64-bit chipset. It’s strange.

But that’s why you can’t get 21.1 unfortunately.


dang it. thank @schyllberg (also that was fast thank you!)

will future versions of infinite flight have 32 bit support or no?

I’m afraid not.
32-bit is a bit on the phasing out part of computing. Just for reference comparison;
iOS killed off 32-bit entirely about 4 years ago.


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