Can't turn with yoke on 757

I’m having a problem, with the 757-200 I can’t turn with tilting my device while I’m on the ground but with other planes I can

Please include your device specifications.

A few questions I’m going to ask:

  1. Do you have autopilot on at the time? Example, the “HDG” enabled?
  2. Do you have the tilt of your device coupled with the rudder in the settings?

first of all, you should use the rudder.
next, that means you are taxiing too fast


For both of those no I don’t

Try to turn on and off autopilot. That’s what works if I have a similar problem.


Go into your settings, and under General, enable the “Auto-Coordination” setting, which should fix this. If you have this setting disabled, you’ll only be able to steer your aircraft with the rudder while on the ground; tilting your device will do nothing.


Thanks very much and that worked

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