Can't turn my plane

I tried to delete the app and reinstall but the yoke doesn’t work I’m on an iPad Air 2 and I tried to calibrate it and the iPad has no root the iPad is iOS 10.3.2 and one last thing it’s not jail broken

And this is your Virtual Yoke or actual Yoke?

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Try going into settings → controls → restore defaults
Or try setting the control sensitivity to your liking.

This happens to me all the time - when this happens you need to turn the A/P heading on and then turn it off and it should be sorted - I believe it is a bug experienced by many but it is easy to rectify. Hope this works.

@Drew737380 and @Camr, just click on the AP Heading twice and you will be good.

I’ve had this issue before, it may be helpful to restart your device.


Happened to me as well, same device, just restart the device.

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It’s fixed idk how but I messed with the graphics and it worked

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