Can't tune into center

I am in a middle of a flight from San Francisco to Tahiti and I can’t tune to the center and I am afraid I won’t tune to the tower.

Are you on Expert Server?

Yes I am at expert server

Is the headset on the bottom left corner grayed out?

There is no headset

it’s like this and I am already inside the center

Do you have a stable WiFi connection?

Yes I think

If you look at the top right corner of your device, you will see a circle. What color is that circle?

Checked them All green

Center says it is 1324NM away in the photo you sent.

Your issue is you’re too far from center. I looked back at the image you sent and you are over 1000nm away. Usually the a average range to tune into center is about 400nm.

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Oh thank you I did not realize it

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Thanks so much for the effort

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