Can't taxi or take off manually

Hi, my device runs an Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

Can’t use device to turn aircraft on ground or to take off. Selected the Auto-Coordination button and done all that was suggested to me below. Even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but nothing happens.

PS: As I installed the app on my new device yesterday, I mistakenly tapped the ATC screen and realized I could control, but after reinstalling the app, I could not get into the ATC screen anymore. So, I’m confident it’s a bug from IF side. Please help.

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@philippe @matt @carmalonso As I said on my post, I now can do ATC even if I’m not registered/authorised to


Can you control on the advanced server?

No, only on playground

Everyone can control on Playground. That’s why it’s called Playground :)
However about the fact you can’t fly, I can’t help. Sorry.

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Really, it’s the first time I see this

Couple of things:

  • Make separate topics for each bug. It makes it easier to track that way.
  • What is your device? Have you tried restarting? Are you running a modified version of Android?

Thanks :)

Okay haha 1 st bug

Sorry for the late response @carmalonso

I don’t understand, what is a modified version of Android. The device (Samsung Galaxy) is new. I have reinstalled it 3 times already.

Sorry for the confusion

Basically, you need to provide more info else we can’t help much :)

On your phone, go to Settings - About and take a screenshot of what’s there.

Hi @carmalonso



@carmalonso Hi Cameron, any progress on solving my problem??