Can't talk in Live ATC

Whenever I want to speak to ATC or Unicom (some airports), the icon shows up gray. I can’t tap on it. This has been going on for a month.I am logged into Infinite Flight via Facebook, I have a subscription, and I’m on the current version. Have I been ghosted?

No. you have just lost your network connection.

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It might be a problem with the internet connection. Try disconnecting, and re-connecting from the wifi.

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That didn’t work…

This is a connection problem, try it on your phone with your service provider instead of your wifi.
(This is why I have two separate wifi’s)

If that doesn’t work, then it could be the infinite flight servers.

Either way, give it a few days.

A few more days, he said it’s been going on for a month…

I suggest if you are using an apple device you reset network settings and connect to your wifi again.

If you are using android, forget the network and reconnect.

Try restarting your device and make sure that when you play IF your wifi bar is green, not yellow or red.

If the problem persists contact your internet provider or try a different device.

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THANK YOU! You solved my problem.


Yea no problem :)

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