Can't takeoff please help!

Hello, so I’ve tried to takeoff from bogota for around 50000 times and I just can’t do that!
Just watch This video

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Try using trim and flaps. I usually use around 5 percent trim when taking off

Hello, video link appears to be broken, go check it out?

I’ll fix that

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Check now please

Did you tilt the device towards you?

Hey there! You need to continue to use rudder throughout your whole takeoff roll. Even if you have lifted off :) You can stop using it once you’re at a reasonable altitude when the angle of deviation is not too far off from your intended path. This happens when you speed up.

Hmmm did You calibrate before takeoff and then tilt your device backward to pull up? Right now it looks to me like you are just speeding down the runway, not pulling up, then the wind blows you off course when you reach a high enough speed.

No, nothing

You need to pull up more.

But something is broken over here

I didn’t pull, around 100kt is happened

That is the wind. You need to use the rudder.

I’ve checked it with most of the planes in different airports and it was the same

Yea I agree the wind is doing that to you…since it is solo, go into the pause menu, press weather and set the wind velocity to 0kts; see if the problem still happens.

Throughout the whole video you have not moved the yoke at all. You need to pull back In order to takeoff.


Use the rudder to stay on the runway. Then pull up to takeoff. There is no problem, this is normal.

It’s weird… Anyways I think the weather in solo wasn’t set good so that’s the problem I guess

So is it this problem solved now? Can you takeoff?

Yes, but, may people said just takeoff.
**rotate at 100kt with 757 74% loaded? **