Can't switch view

Hello, when I am trying to switch view to cockpit or anything, the app closes. Any support? I’m not sure a screenshot will help.

Your device, OS version, app version, rooted/jailbroken and so on will help.

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Newest version with the new livery’s, Android 7.1, Moto C.

Did you try restarting and/or reinstalling?

This happened to me last night. I just left my phone off the whole night and in the morning it was fine, I didn’t solve it though. No idea what happened.

I have rebooted, but will reinstall

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Also it runs the game fine.

Did you input a Flight Plan before this?
Have you rooted your phone?
I am pretty sure this is because of your chipset (Mediatek/Mali), but do wait for official confirmation.

Seen you have the same problem @Joseph007 🤒

No flight plan, not rooted.

Yea it was weird, spent probably 1 hr and 30 mins trying to figure it out then I was pissed and just done with it. In the morning when I started the sim it was fine. Are you spawning into an airport with other traffic?

With what graphics settings are you playing/flying?

No I’m on solo. In any aircraft

Medium I think, hopefully.

The Moto C is a really bad device for running such heavy apps/games as IF. An 1.1GHz quad core processor and 1GB of RAM are not the best specs for playing games.
Set your graphics settings to low and see what happens. If the issue still occurs, then report back.

It was only happening to me when I was on live.

It was working fine before.

As @Starley said, your device is not very well optimized for IF global.
I did a little digging into your device, look at some deeper specs. The Moto C has 1gb Ram, and a MT673M 1.1ghz A53 processor, coupled with a Mali-T720MP2. The GPU in this phone is a very low spec GPU, and is not at all designed to run IF. considering the lack of RAM, the low operating power of your GPU and CPU, it is not something we can provide a simple fix for. As IF global becomes more advanced, it uses more of the CPUs processing ability.
As you are running a quad core, I am surprised your device has lasted this long.

I would recommend changing the camera view only when necessary.
Also, prior to the flight make sure to clear your recent apps, delete the cache and clear up your ram as much as possible.

Expect the app to still crash. Sadly there is very little that could be done to change this.

Resolved, it was the graphic quality thanks.

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