Can't suscribe

Ï haven’t been flying with you guys for a while and am trying to do so.
Still, when I click subscribe, it shows an error ?!
Thanks in advance for your help.

Could you let us know what device and the error message that comes up. Perhaps a screenshot?

here it is :
i am not being able to post a screenshot but it says : purchase failed : not able to find the product" !
iPad, iOS 8.4
Ps : I have been able to restore planes purchases but not to subscribe again.
I am aware than my iOS_emphasized text_ is old but do not wish to update.
Thanks a lot_

Oh you’re on the pre-global build. Go ahead Chatta take it from here.

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Thank you for contacting support!
Customers using an older version of Infinite Flight that are unable to update in their App Store based on device compatibility will no longer be able to renew a Live or Live+ multiplayer subscription. If you have previously purchased a Live or Live+ subscription your service will still be honored and supported for the duration of your subscription period. Following your subscription expiration date or when trying to purchase a new subscription you will find “subscription unavailable”.

Infinite Flight’s newest update featuring global satellite imagery introduces the Infinite Flight Pro subscription which gives a full global flight experience and access to our entire fleet of aircraft. We appreciate your understanding as we move forward into the future.

Kind Regards, Sebastian


Here is one that can be tough if you like the old IOS, you can keep it, and have no live, global and other new updates, or you can update and get the updates AND subscription. Of course your experience may depend on what excact device you have