Can't start Video Capture

Hello. I from a few hours ago, can not be the screen recording. It was previously made. Is there a solution? And the restart of the terminal, was the re-installation of the app, but can not be resolved. Is this bug?

My device is the version that corresponds to the screen recording…

Thank you.

I’m also having that same problem and also looking for answers

Please provide more info

  • Device
  • OS (Software)
  • IF version
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There You go

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Check if you have a movies folder.

I don’t how can I add it??

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You have to options:

  1. There should be an option to create a new folder. Create one called movies (it may disappear, it happened to me).
  2. Make a factory reset to your phone.

Go to your phone’s main directory, and make a folder called ‘Movies’.

The topic below may also help you.

I already have the movies folder but it still gives me the same message

Device: SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 SC-02G
OS: 5.0
IF version : 16.06.0

I don’t have it! (Movies folder)

Thank you.

Create it by following the steps above.

Did it work for you because it still doesn’t for me

@AviancaVirtual @CaptainDawud @Swordfish @FedoraPilot
I yesterday, all the files of the device had been transferred to a SD card. So, a folder called Movies had disappeared from the device. So, we have resolved to move the Movies folder from the SD card to the device!

Thank you very much!! :D

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No problem.

I had the movies file in my phone storage but not in my sd card. I deleted the movies from the phone storage and added a new one and also on the sd card. But the message keeps says the same thing

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Reset the phone. If it keeps happening, try with a factory reset. But before doing that, transfer all important data to your computer.

Do you have any clue if Infinite Flight comes with the movie folder? I yes try uninstalling it and installing it, it might download the movies folder back.

I wouldn’t recommend a factory reset, unless you don’t have anything important on your device.