Can't start live

I have a monthly subscription for live I got it on the 1st December 2017 and it won’t let me start? Can I have a refund?


Can you describe the issue you’re experiencing in more detail? In what way is it not letting you start? What device are you using?


I’m using apple iPad iOS. I have purchased the infinite flight live and
every time I try to start a flight it kicks me out of the app.


What iPad model are you using?
Have you tried with a simple restart of your device? Ofherwise it might be prudent to re-install Infinite Flight. Something might have gone wrong during the installation which might be causing this.

I am using an ipad 2 and I have tried to restart my device and I have also
deleted the app and reinstalled it.

Ipad 2? Unfortunately that device is not supported, and i’m not really sure how you managed to purchase Live as it’s not possible with the older version of IF.

Is there any way that I can get a refund or exchange it for another item of
the same price?

What version of infinite flight are you running do you have global by any chance?o

You need to contact Apple for a refund.

I don’t have Global as my iPad is too old for it. I have updated the app to
the latest compatible version which is the one before 17.04

I Have iOS 10.3.3 and it is saying software is up to date.

Ok I was just making sure as I have no idea how you did this. And you said you bought the subscription on your IPad 2?

How do I do that then? It said it would be compatible as I had the correct
iOS version?

Please refer to this to make sure that your IPad meets all the specs and other essential things. But also did you purchase the subscription on your IPad 2? If so I do not know how as I believe it isn’t possible anymore

Each store has their own policy regarding how refunds for an app, subscriptions, or in-app purchases are handled. Please see the list below to find your app store:


iTunes policy is that all app sales are final. We are not able to provide refunds, but you may be able to receive a refund by emailing iTunes customer service making your request.

I appreciate you allowing me to assist you today.

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