Can't start engines - B757

I’m flying a B757. I can only auto start engines. I can’t start them one by one.

Do you have fuel?

Hmmm… Never heard of the engines not starting.

Do you happen to have IFPAX, if you do you could have emergencies enabled?

yes, i have fuel. i can auto start engines.

Have you turned on your Battery and APU? Try doing that and let us know if it works. :)

OMG. That might be it. The APU. I had it on, but restarted to activate ATC b/c I haven’t flown since the bug fix. When I spawned a second time I forgot to start the APU. I’ll bet that’s it. Thanks. UGH HAHA


Happy to help!

Sorry Im dumb glad you got help to get it fixed

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Yea that was it. HAHA I missed the sounds of those B757 engines! Got em back. I’m all set. Mahalo!


not dumb. thanks.

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Glad it’s sorted out at your end!

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