Cant start a flight in solo mode

I have made 2 other posts about this but nothing helped. My device is a oppo f1s 32gb space and 3gb ram. I always clear up ram when i am trying to start a flight. I use android version 5.1 and it supports Open GL 3.0. I just get kicked when i enter the loading screen. The app doesn’t lag and i have tried nearly everything like reinstalling and rebooting my phone with no luck. Even setting the graphics lower than normal. Also i have anti aliasing off.

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‘Lower than normal’ - what settings are you on? Try absolutely everything on the minimum and then see if that helps!

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oh sorry i mean i have tried setting graphics on minimum, but that didn’t work.

In that case, wait for a moderator as I’m afraid I can’t help!

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Ok! Thanks for the help!

Please continue your discussion in your previous topic. Creating a new one will not help you anymore:

Oh ok im sorry. Thanks for the information