Cant Sign in

Every time I try to sign in Via Facebook, the game closes down and says “Infinite Flight Has Stopped Working”

What can I do?

Should I try re-installing the app?

Try that first, if that doesn’t work, reboot your device.

Sure thing

@Altaria55 It doesnt work so I will try to reboot

Nope. It will still not let me sign in!

Could you tell me the following:
What phone is it
What OS is it running
Is it the latest version of IF?
Do you have an Internet connection?

Phone: Galaxy Note 8
OS: 8.0
Version of IF: 19.4
Yes I have internet connection

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Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

I already did and it is still the same result.

@Vidal99977 can you continue in this thread please? Send a screenshot of the error message too if you can, thanks!

Continuing on from:

@Vidal99977 I will reopen here since the issues are actually separate.

Do you have the Facebook app installed on your phone?

No sir I do not have a Facebook app

What’s the default browser on your device?

Google Chrome or Google. Not sure if there is a difference

Chrome is the browser :)
Thanks for the info, I have noticed an issue. Will get this addressed asap and see if we can push a hotfix


Ok. Thank you very much for your help!

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Still cant sign in :(

They are currently making a hot fix for it, Should be out in the next few days 🙂

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