Can't sign in to account via gmail

Everyone I try to sign in I click allow and then it just redirects me to a Google homepage then when I go back it says login cancled

Are you making a new Infinite Flight account or are you just signing in again?

Hi there.

  • What device are you on?

Can you please provide/do the following the following

  • Launch Infinite Flight and provide a screen shot of your about page please.
  • Completely close infinite flight
  • Go to in your device browser and press the logout button.
  • Reboot your device
  • Launch Infinite Flight and try to log in again.

If you are having issues after that, on your device go to your android settings -> Apps -> All apps -> Select Infinite Flight -> Advanced -> scroll all the way to the bottom and send that screen shot please. No sensitive data will be included in that picture.

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