Can't send ATC messages

While in flight lost ATC window. Does anyone know how to get it back?

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I can receive messages but I am unable to answer.

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Near knuc Region? All the time, or just sometimes when flying?

No, near St. Marteen, Juliana airport.

Ok, is it still gone?

Just now, i am in flight now

Ok…which server

ATC playground

Try to go out from the frequency complete and log into another

Ok i will do it thanks

Got it back but with the wrong airport. I want TNCM and got TNCS

Could be wifi connection?

Device and steps to reproduce?

Ok thanks, got it back!

Got it back!

👍 good for you

Thanks for your help.

Got it back, thxs.

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I had the same with EHAM yesterday.
Can send commands as ground, but cant as tower

I get it sometimes, it’s usually your internet connection.

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