Cant see runways at night in low resolution settings?

Hi, For those who have to run the app with low settings for avoid device overheat, and drain battery, probably yo’ll notice some problems to landing, specific at night (you cannot see the runways until you are at few meters of the pattern) the solution is this: make your fligth in low ress and when you be ready to make your final approach, pause the flight, go to settings, then to graphics and set the rendering resolution to medium or high (thats depend on you) an then, when you return to the flight you will see the runway clearly at least 7NM from your position. This work in the day phase to. This is a very good way to avoid device overheat in the taxi, take off and the cruise phase of your flight. Your device only gives and extra effort at landing, specially (as i said) in the nights. An by the way, obviously you will save the battery life. aditional to this, the CPU run better in solo mode. In live mode, start to overheating, specially if are a lot of flights near you. So i recomend fly in solo mode. I hope this help someone at least.

Probably this topic will helpful to you, if you are like me, who dont care the graphics, and the only thing i want its fly over the world.

My device is an ipad air 2. And my wifi connection its a 5MB per second.

Happy landings from Guatemala

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