Can't see profile picture

Recently I uploaded a photo on the my settings page in the forum to be my profile picture for the forum (It was a Norweigen 738 taking off into the sunset) and for some reason it does not show up as my mini profile picture when I comment or post! I was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them before or if anyone can help me fix it?
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Don’t forget to press ‘save changes’ on bottom of profile settings after changing profile picture.


Thank you taking time to reply but I have already tried that🙁 Any other ideas?

Hi ;)
No need to change the title with “HELP!”, this will not help you to resolve your problem. Are you sure you saved your settings once you uploaded it? Please try again.

Is it a jpeg or another format?
Try a different kind of picture, different size, pick some simple ones as examples. Move further on from there.

It is jpeg I believe

Have you tried to refresh the browser?, because it happened to me when I changed my profile and clicked in Save Changes but the image doesn’t appear…I just refresh the page and appears.

I tried that and it worked- Thanks a lot to everyone who helped me! 😉


Put solved or something in the title please so we now it’s ok 👌

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