Cant see other planes despite downloading all planes

I spawned into EGLL just now after downloading all the planes after being told this was the solution but i still cant see the aircraft exept for my own I can just see the other pilots names, otherwise my internet connection is very good so I’m not sure what the problem could be

What is your Airplane Count set to?

To find it go to Settings → Online → Airplane Count

Its set to very high

Does this only happen at EGLL or also other airports?

Others as well, I have all planes

I would suggest doing a fresh install of the app. If you do this all replays will be lost.

Also which server was this on?

I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times and im having the same problems today

And as I asked above which server was this on?

The training server

Are you using WIFI or cellular (mobile data)? If so have you ticked the box to download whilst on cellular?

To find it go to Settings → Online → Automatic Airplane Downloads Over Cellular Data

Im using Wifi

Then I’m out of ideas. The only other cause I can think of, is it could be is the server itself. Training server is known to have had issues in the past.

is it on the BETA version?

It’s alright much appreciated for all your help

How do i know if its the Beta version

i read about it in the blog did you read it?

I haven’t yet

read it and maybe you find something cause they said somethings about crashes and stuff but im no interly sure

Okay thanks very much

no problem