Can't See other airplanes on Free Flight Server

A few days ago, I realized I cannot see other flights on the FREE SERVER, but can see ALOT of them on the MAP view? I also cannot hear or see when they are taxing or taking off; ONLY a selected view are visible to me when I switch camera views. What could be the issue that I am doing wrong? Thanks for your guidance or responses in advance. I am on XP 31, 000 and GRADE 3 with Zero flying/ghosting violations

What device are you using?
Are you on a Cellular network?
Can you show us some pictures?
What version are you using?

As soon as I restarted my device and started in SFO, it is working fine…Android Samsung S6 Edge…Unicom is Singing like a canary…

That is probably because of your “Text to Speech” language set there. :)[quote=“Flight813, post:3, topic:43455”]
it is working fine

Great to hear!

May have to do with your settings

Your Live plane count should be Very High and that boxes and labels are enabled so you know that there are planes around you

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