Can't see other aircraft

Hi Everyone

For some reason, I can’t see other aircraft in live. I was wondering if anyone knows if this would be a wi-fi issue or if I have turned off a setting or something? There are no white boxes or anything, I just can’t see people.

It seems that other people are also having issues with this. Are you?

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What setting is your airplane count at? Are you at a very busy airport, or an airport with 2 other people a mile away?

I’m at KLAX, but I tried at other airports and still couldn’t see people. My settings are all at high.

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Is your WiFi signal strong, or weak?

It’s average, im getting 50mbps download so not that bad.

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Well, with a second and third topic of the same problem in the past few minutes, maybe the server is down?

Maybe so…

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It’s been a rough week for infinite flight


Use this thread as the main thread for this issue so that multiple support topics are not created.


Agreed, I’ll try direct the other threads over here so we can work it out together.

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I’ll try to recreate the issue, what server was it?

Training, lots of people are saying they’re experiencing it at LAX so try that

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I’m looking on LiveFlight, and it seems everyone is going about their IF lives normally.

Same issue for me, I can hear ATC but can’t see other planes on the map or on the airport.

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Alright, it seems like somethings up. I’m starting to think this may be a physical location thing.

nevermind, you are from Charlotte so that may not be it.

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I can confirm this issue is just on the Casual/Training server. This is not on the ES.


I’m having the same issue. It’s showing from my earlier ATC session that I’m still controlling and I’m not.

Casual seems to be working now, training is not though.

Expert server works

I’m on TS Departure at LAX and no planes anywhere. Gives me an eire feeling. No pilot communications either. Also the Airspace Status table seems stuck. Refresh hasn’t changed it for a while. Time to reboot TS . . .