Can't see other aircraft at the airport

The other aircraft only appear as a outlined box similar to to the way I see them while airborne when they are at a distance. Is there something in my settings I can adjust to fix this? Thanks

What airport was it and what was your airplane count level at and were you on mobile data or WiFi?

Yes, you can adjust your Aircraft Count settings in the Live section of the settings page.

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It’s happening to me too…

I have aircraft count at high and I am on WIFI

I reopened the app and its back now huh

You won’t be able to see all aircraft as realistically speaking your device will not be able to handle it. Especially if it’s an airport like UUDD at the moment where there is a FNF going on. You will only be able to see aircrafts very close to you even if your device is on high or very high.

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Thanks for the response folks I’ll make changes to the setup and see what that does! Safe flights and smooth landing!

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Yeah well i expect the distant aircraft to be out of sight but the guy in front of me on the ramp whom I came very close to running into because I couldn’t see him is a bit of a problem

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At least I was able to bail out of the sesion before the controller realized I had run into the guy in front of me or at the very least came extremely close

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I understand, it was happening to me when I was controlling UUDD. In tower view I might look around and someone is who very close might disappear but reappear a few seconds later. I have a feeling it’s just that so many aircraft were coming it affected who you could see near you. At least you weren’t reported, but it must have been annoying that you had to leave to avoid a report that wouldn’t have been your fault.

I just wanna really thank the controller at Tokyo international on the 20 at around 5:20Z for issuing me a warning about following too close as I’m sure now that Ixwas climbing right up on him but all I saw was a little blx and then the panic sets in oh darn that aircraft coukd be a 747 and I’m already part of his cargo! Of course the only logical option is to leave more distance than usual but it sure has caught me by surprise a few times now I sure hope this gets resolved and thatnks again on that absolutely superior atc you guys are awesome!

Sorry man the details elude me as to the particular airporr however I have always run everything at maximum performance without issue till now

Ok, basically I’m saying that during a flash flight or a FNF the airport is very very busy. No matter how high your settings are you won’t see every aircraft, only the ones really near you because your device can’t handle it.

Oh well simple solution is to maintain a very healthy distance from the aircraft in front I normally leave a respectable distance the real trouble is not knowing what type they at a glance so assuming everyone is a 777 or 747-8 outta alleviate the issue until its resolved

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Also this happened during a low key kinda event there was a guy at take off the fella in front of me waiting to line up and me behind him. Hardly busy but thats my 2 dollars and fifty cents of what took place thankfully the atc was understanding 👍😎

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