Can't see other aircarft

When I’m at the gate, taxing, holding short, taking off, crusing or landing, i can’t see other aircarft if they are next to me. What i see is the name and a dot. Can someone help. That never happened to me before. It started about 3 days ago

What is your airplane count? If it is low or none maybe that is your problem.

The count is high

Is your internet connection stable?

Ye 4G all the way and nothing like that ever happened to me. I always saw aircraft beside me.

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Can you tell me all of your settings under “live”? (Except for the voice settings)

Hide Airplane Names - OFF
Hide Airplane Dots - OFF
Automatic Airplane Download over Cellular Data - ON
Airplane Count - Medium

Try turning your aircraft count to very high and see what happens

I tried that.

Are you on Wifi or cellular?

Cellular as my WiFi is CRAP

Mobile Data always worked for me though. All aircraft always loaded

My best guess is that it has to do with server issues from the release of 20.2. The devs are working on fixing all these issues.

But I had 20.1 and it slowly started last week. But never loaded other aircraft since 3/4 days ago

Then it is probably an internet issue, whether it be a bad cellular of wifi connection

It could also be due to the massive amount of pilots online right now. Maybe fly in less populated areas and check the problem in those places. Lmk

I did bro.

Did it not work?

nope. It always worked before though

Strange. Maybe give it some time? I’m sure the issues will be worked through within a few days.