Can't see flight path

Sometimes when I look at my replay after I fly I can’t see my flight path or flight plan, it says ‘No Flight Plan Filed,’ even though I had one.

Then today I only saw half of my flight path and it still said No Flight Plan Filed

Even during some flights when I click on other users I can only see part of there flight path

Is there a fix to this?

In your replay if the plan was not filed at the time it will not show.

In #3 you have to scroll the window down to see the other waypoints.


I never cleared my flight plan. I understand your point about number 3, but the green line that’s tailing the aircraft should show the entire flight right?

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@darkeyes the point where the green line starts is where that user took off from… You can see the exact airport by zooming in a bit on the map.
Proof is that the plane is still at 5300ft which means it has taken off or landing, which in this case seems a takeoff

@Arjun_Taneja He didn’t depart from there. The person departed from EHAM.

@darkeyes I’m also having the same issues in #3 as well. Can you maybe restart your device?

That’s surprising, cuz i see exactly what’s there in the picture, and when I zoom in, their departure airport comes into view!!

I get that as well you could message @moderators and report a bug

I have the same issue but in multiplayer too. If I click on some persons it only shows the flight path from the last minutes but it doesn’t continue to their origin

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This was fixed a few hrs ago. Have anyone of you checked since? ;)


It appears to be working now, thanks!