Can't see clouds at night

Hello! Strangely, I have the clouds set to broken but I can’t see them. I have it set to current time which is 21:45 BST but if I set it to time noon then the clouds show up… If there is anything I can do to fix this, please let me know!
-Sam :)

Hey, the clouds can only be visible at night if the moon is present.

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Clouds can only be seen because of the sunlight reflecting and refracting through them. There’s no sunlight at night (you have some output from the moon, but not nearly as much as you would from the sun), so you won’t be able to see the clouds as clearly. Not necessarily a glitch, but rather the solar system doing its magic.


Sure sounds like a glitch…you can see clouds even on a moonless night (well rather you don’t see what’s on the other side stars/lights on the ground)

Same goes for fog at night in IF.

Well, I can’t make that determination without any evidence. Similar topics have been made, but they were eventually dismissed.


The clouds have appeared! This can be closed :)

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