Can't see C-130 on Live

Hello! Today I just realized that all the C-130s are invisible to me. But the other planes are okay and visible. Can somebody explain to me about this?


Did you download the C-130 Update?

Yes I did.

Did you try restarting your device and restarting Infinite Flight?

Is it perhaps I didn’t purchase the C-130?

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That may be the case. That happnened to me when I got the update then after I downloaded all aircraft it fixed it.

Wait hold on, what do you mean by all aircraft? You purchased them all??

I have live + so I get all aircraft for free.

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I mean that once I downloaded all thenC-130’s though.

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What if you only download one c-130? Will that fix it too?

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I doesn’t matter what aircraft you buy or download, it all should show up

I think you would only see that one. Try looking at all the pictures of the C-130 liverys on the fly tab or just wait. That should fix it.

I know what you’re talking about, but i mean all the C-130s in the game at live. Their user dot is visible but just their plane

If any thing I suggest buying the C-130J, then it fixes ur problem (hopefully) and you get a good aircarft

That’s very strange. I’m no expert when it comes to fixing bugs, so don’t criticize me. But I would probably recommend restarting your app and device. If that doesn’t work, delete and reinstall Infinite Flight.

This should be in #support. Also, a bit more details would be helpful.
But, I had a problem with my iPad last night when the update got released. I updated the app, went on, and there was no C-130. I waited a few minutes and realized it hadn’t updated (although it said it had) so I had to go on the app store and update it again. A bug with iOS 10 I presume.

Were there a lot of people at that airport? What device are you using? What settings?

Problem solved;)
I downloaded that plane😺🕶

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