Cant see ATC tower frequency at MMUN(Expert server)

Hello guys I just had a problem…
I was arriving to MMUN and the airport is active but I only see the ground control is active when I tapped on airport icon.

When I started to do my final approach the Tower frequency is calling me! But I can’t see him on my list! it’s showing unicom instead…
The Tower is calling me to contact him many times… But I just can’t reach him…

At the end I quitted my flight bc I don’t want to get ghosted…

Really pissed…

Please note I have a strong internet network and did’t leave the app at all. I even turn off wifi and turn it back on to try… but nothing happened

I arrived and can’t contact to the tower and force me to end up the flight…

Someone advises me please?

This is a known issue on both sides, Pilot and ATC.

After I finished my flight, spawn to MMUN, I could see both frequencies active…
I mean what’s going on?? Why I could’t see tower frequency from the previous flight??

When the Tower frequency doesn’t shows as an active frequency in your communication menu, you can always go to your radar screen, click on the airport blue dot, and click TUNE on the Tower frequency there.

Did you try this?

It’s the same process we use to check the ATIS before contacting Approach.

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Yes Sir. I would say am really experienced pilot, I’ve tried that… just showing only Ground is active.

I ended up quitting the game… don’t want to get ghosted.
And also lazy to divert somewhere else

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This also has happened to me you just have circle around for a few minutes and the issue will fix itself

All though it’s a bit risky it just saves you from quitting the game

Circling around?
The tower keeps sending you warning msj… at the end you will end up ghosted…

It’s annoying for me

Hi. Is there a reported issue for this? It just happened to me too.

I was doing patterns in kphx and a tower controller left its post. I was automatically switched to Unicom. In Unicom i did one lap. When I was about to land my second lap y received the warning that i was in an active airspace. I couldn’t see the tower. I tried through the map too( there I could see departure and ground, not even ATIS)

Out of fear of being ghosted I just went around and contacted departure which vectored me into kphx again. When it told me to contact tower I could send & switch, but if I tried to manually find the frequency I still couldn’t find it. I have the replay available if you want more debugging.


You just have to get out of the airspace and circle around, it sounds stupid and risky but it works; I reported this issue last week but it resolves itself after 10min

That might be ok for me but for ATC controler is not!
He will ghost you bc he thought you are ignoring him even though you are circling around

I think there should be a more direct and informal way to contact approach (or any atc) to tell him/her that you are unable to contact the frequency

there is, it’s called changing your callsign to “NORDO”

Ok I’ll remember de NORDO call sign for the next time.

But still. Anybody knows if is there a reported issue for this? Or is a expected behavior?


Ok thanks for the help

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