Can't see anyone on radar?

I was flying near someone during an event, and I saw him on radar one minute and lost him the next. I am connected to the live server, and he has lost radar contact too. What happened?

His connection could have gone, all all the systems working for you?

Most likely you or the person next to you lost connection to the server. Is there a green checkmark on the top right of your screen?

Well on the new update you only have a so many mile radar could that be why how close were you to him?

Yes, I have a green check mark, and so does he. I was close to him, and getting closer, then he disappeared from my radar.

I can’t see you either ok my radar at all and my connection is perfect

I was flying from Frankfurt to jfk it said I was connected to global but nobody was on the radar my flight time completely froze and my xp I’m annoyed right now

Same with me, that is why i use Live Flight