Cant see any other players in game

Is anyone else having the same issue i am. Trying out the a380 obviously. But another player landing and another taking off… i had no image, just the white box. Glitch?

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Go into Settings > Airplane Count - what is that set to?

No it’s not a glitch. Your device is not loading in these aircraft, Go to settings > Online > Airplane count and set it to your liking. (Keep in mind you will see a slight performance loss).

Mine’s at high and now very high and I’m having this issue too. All aircraft show as unknown and their aircraft icons are all showing as a light piston on the world map. I can still see the tags and accurate speed and altitude information though


Mine is set to very high and im still having the issue.

I am also having this issue with the setting set at very high. See attached screenshots - in both images I can see the aircraft on the map but there’s no aircraft model, any tips?

I’m gonna second this as I’m having the same issue. I can also connect to ATC but not communicate.

Seeing the most recent thread about ATC on the support category, switching off my VPN fixed the issue.

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