Can't See Any Aircraft

I m on expert server but I didn’t see any aircraft

You don’t need a certain grade. You will see other aircraft no matter what - it is live (unless ghosted I think)

Grade has absolutely nothing to do with being able to see aircraft or not.

You need to download the aircraft to see them all in live, but if you did and you can’t see them:

Restart IF

Are you using cellular data or WiFi?

Hello there.

If you look on your map do any show up there? We have an ATC schedule so it may be that people aren’t flying where you are

Check you settings and check your airplane count…


  1. Check to see if you are on wifi or data
  2. If on data enable download data via cellular or connect to wifi
  3. If problem persists check to make sure airport has aircraft population
  4. If airport has population check aircraft count. If high end device enable higher aircraft count

Cellular that’s what I use

Ok you should use Wifi that ensures IF will run the smoothest

Unless you don’t have that…

Ok. In my experience if I’m on cellular data it will usually not load planes unless I have 5GE data.

Also what is your airplane count and do you have automatically download planes over cellular data on?

Do you mean you can see the aircraft box and the name but the actual aircraft didn’t load in?

It works now thank you very much

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