Can't see any aircraft on all server's?


I cant see any aircraft on any live servers?
Closed app, cleared cache, restarted, force closed and still noone appears in the game only me. Happens on all servers, my Internet connection is fine.
Servers are fine.

Any ideas?


Hello, what is your aircraft count set to?

eek, imagine doing all that just to realise you plane count is none 😬

Hello @Craig_D,

I see that you can’t see any planes on the server. I just have a couple questions.

Do you have a stable internet connection?
Have you checked your settings? If not i have linked some screenshots down below :) ⬇

I hope this has helped! :)

It must of been a connectivity error. It resolved itself after 30 minutes.

Thanks for the help anyway.


Well, this happens to me I have a strong and good connection and I do t see the planes below me I have my count at Very High

Same, it mainly happens when ive been afk on low battery mode for a while

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