Can't see airplanes or hear ATC

Operating system:ios 17.2.1
Having an issue seeing other planes in the expert server and also receiving commands from ATC. It looks like I may have been ghosted but I only have 3 level 1s and one level 2. The level 2 I got today for taxiing without permission. Strange thing is I did start a flight a few times but never actually started to taxi.i can see a blank icon for other planes but not the actual planes. Now when I tune into an airport with active ATC I can’t even get tuned into ground or tower frequency. So…it looks like I may have been ghosted but never received a correction or even a warning and have no idea why. I checked my log book and it didn’t show who gave me the level 2 or that I was ghosted. l updated my iPhone and that did not fix the problem. I deleted and reinstalled the app and that did not fix it. Does this all make sense? Any thoughts? Thanks much . PS if I posted this in the wrong place apologies…please direct me to correct place thanks

PS: Just reactivated membership about a week ago after 5 year hiatus

Resolved VPN related issue.