Can't screenshot in the replay

Hi guys, as we just got the butter machine today. I decided to post my first XWB flight to my IF Instagram account, however I just found out that the pic didn’t show up in my phone’s gallery after I pressed the ‘screenshot’ button during the replay. I checked the setting of IF and my phone and they were just fine! Anyone can help me with this? Thanks a lot, good day!


What kind of device do you have?
Have you checked so Infinite Flight has the necessary permissions?

Hello, I am using Huawei P20 series (Android) currently and I did check the permissions. Is there any solutions for that? Thanks.

Can you reply with a screenshot of how the permissions look for Infinite Flight on your device?

I did gave all the access that IF requires. I could screenshot before 19.4.

Open up “Permissions”, that’s where you manage these things.

Turn it off, restart your device, turn the permission back on and try again.

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Sure, thanks. Will tell you if it works. Thanks.

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It works! Thanks so much. IF Devs are always the best app supporting team! Good day!

Wohoo! Glad to hear :)