Cant rotate?

So i was at KCNO and i wanted to take off, I hit 180 knts yet i couldnt pull up, i got a violation for going 250 Knots+ at less than 10,000 ft. Why did this happen?


Any number of things…
*too heavy?
*flaps set?
*control sensitivity too low?

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How heavy were you? Were you over MTOW?

Also, the speed limit under 10,000 feet is 250 kts. That’s why you got the vios.

Did you maybe accidentally activate the autopilot button? If your current altitude/ vertical speed gets activated you can pull as much as you want and wont rotate.


Something that has happened to me in the past (not sure if this will be helpful as it might just be me), but sometimes my V/S is set to 0 on A/P, which doesn’t let me rotate/ get positive rate which keeps me on the ground

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One of the moderators should be able to explain this to you

No I was enough to go to KLAX
Flaps 1
Every setting was at default

You need more than just flaps 1 to have a successful takeoff.


Please try the following;

  • Restart IF
  • Clear All background Apps
  • Restart your device (if the above don’t work)

To ensure a successful takeoff, do make sure

  1. You have set your calibration properly. It accounts for majority of cases where someone fails to pull up.
  2. Flaps are in the takeoff configuration.
  3. Autopilot is not engaged.
  4. You are not above the Maximum Takeoff Weight. (MTOW)

The speed limit for flying below 10,000ft is 250kts, above which you will receive a warning, and a violation a few seconds after the warning. It, unfortunately, won’t be removed. Avoid taking off at 100% throttle (you don’t even need 100%), and watch your airspeed to avoid receiving the violation in the future.

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I also had that ones. My solution was engaging and disengaging the AP altitude

This has the biggest chance of being the reason.
It’s good practice to Calibrate the position of your device, just before takeoff.

The other big reason could be that you had preset an altitude and pressed the altitude AP button.


It’s hard to say what happened but there is a problem which occurs every so often, so just like in real life have the yoke on the hud and make sure it all moves correctly after pushback. If it doesn’t then you need to restart your device as your gyroscope is jammed.

Which plane were you in?

Does it happen every time or are we talking about a one time event?

If it is repeatable, does it happen with all planes?

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Not in an A320

It was 747-SCA
It only happened once

Yes, even in an a320
Check #tutorials for more info

You’re telling me I can’t use Flaps one for takeoff in an A320?

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On airbus use caps 1 or 1f if available and on Boeing’s or mds or crjs or embraer use 10-15 flaps

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