Can't Restore Purchases

Hey, I can’t restore all of my purchases from my last iphone (5, 10.1). I touch the restore purchases button but nothing happens. I’m on iPhone 6 using iOS 10.0.2, maybe you guys can help? Thanks!

Speak to a developer

Or get in touch with ITunes

Do you have the same apple ID that you made the purchases with?

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He will help you

This is a normal iTunes function that often happens when switching physical device, but use the same store account ID. Just accept the purchase for any previously purchased item and after that, iTunes will follow up with a new message telling you the item was already purchased and can be downloaded again for free.
iTunes cannot charge you twice for the same (except a Live sub because it’s “a consumable”) items as long as the same store ID was used and it wasn’t refunded.
This is a long running iTunes made problem that they have not seemed interested in improving.


I’m sorry i’m kinda lost here, because in my case when i touch restore purchases (from the IF itself) nothing happens. So i don’t know how to accept all previous purchases.

Restore Purchases only syncs your iTunes account, it doesn’t download anything. You still have to go through each individual item and download.

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