Can't Restore my Purchases

I purchased the 777-300ER Before Global came out and now I can’t access it and it wants me to buy it again, how do I get my purchase back?

Hit the “restore purchases” button


What device are you using?

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Are you on the same device as you bought it??
Are you using the same accounts?? (iOS, google, Facebook)

Presume you don’t have live pro??

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Yes, same account and same device

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Thank you!

When it comes to Android, IAP’s should restore automatically.
If it won’t for some reason, a restart of the device is the first thing to try. If it still doesn’t restore, i recommend reinstalling the app.


Okay I will try this and get back to you

I am still having the same issue, is this because you guys added another livery to the plane package? The restore purchases button is not showing up either on my display

Restore purchases is only on apple devices.

Do you know how long it will take before I can get it on Android?

The " restore purchases " button does not exist on android devices as each OS has their own way to restore IAPs. Do what @schyllberg asked.


I did twice and Im still not getting my purchase back

What did you do twice? Restart or reinstall? What happens if you try to download it?

I restarted my device and reinstalled the app twice, I still can’t download it unless I purchase it, every other purchase is available to me but that one

If you check your purchase history in Play Store, can you verify that it is there?

I purchased it however its not showing up on my order history, I went into my settings and it says that there is an error updating and syncing my app data for Google Play

That might be the cause right there, i recommend standing by for a while. I suspect this will fix itself if you’re just patient.

Okay, thank you for devoting time to this issue

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