Can't restore my old purchases (button is missing)

I recently installed IF after taking a hiatus and I noticed I couldn’t download any of the aircraft I previously bought.

are you logged in to your account?

Is your pro account still active?

Yes I’m still logged into my account, I bought the planes before global was a thing

Are you on Android or iOS?

I’m on android

We’ve found an issue with restore purchases not working on Android due to a change from Google. This should be carried out automatically on start, but isn’t working correctly in 20.1 due to this change.

Our 20.2 update will include a fix for this. We’re hoping to release it in the next few days, but we have an Open Beta running in the meantime if you want to try it over the weekend and see if your past purchases are loading:

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Appreciate it cam! Also once again thanks for the last pair of fds sunglasses at oshkosh 2019😂


No worries, hopefully OSH will be back on next year and we’ll have a good use for those sunglasses! :)