Cant report

Hello guys yesterday i was Tower ATC in training server and someone land without my permission in closed runway i told him to check the runway and he didnt reply me and land in close runway.
I try to report him but i cant my grade is 2.

I have a screenshots if someone want

Only mods, staff and IFATC can report, not regular users.


Indeed, the report button has no functionality for now. And it’s being discussed that training servers is only for training purposes and that not all users are behaving properly.

This will happen a lot during your time as a Training Server controller. If you want a realistic environment, just keep practicing then test for IFATC. Nothing really can be done about people not listening on training server.

Nope. Mods’ report buttons still work.

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Ok guys thank you very much

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No such thing as a closed runway in Infinite Flight. There are red, yellow, and green runways. These change based on wind conditions. It is totally alright to land on a red runway. Usually the winds are the same on the red as the green. Its never been a problem for me. I can’t even count how many times IFATC has instructed me to land on a red runway. It doesn’t matter and usually isn’t that much of a change from runway the game deems active. If it were me, I wouldn’t report him. In the end, it’s the Training Server. Who cares. If this happened on Expert, it would cause for a much greater concern.

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