Can't report airport in sight

hello curitiba center, i can not report airport in sight. i know where the button normally is but does not show up.
Assume i have it in sight all the time

Also no atc prefferred routes at SBRJ show up.

Airport in sight is only available when you’ve issued to ATC that you’re doing a visual approach to your desired runway.

i did. Doesn’t show up

That’s wrong,that option is always available. It might be a glitch for @JT8D this time.

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I don’t think you can announce airport in sight to Center airspace anyways.

You can, but only if you’ve been assigned a visual approach.

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Ah, alright.

Seems like a bug isolated to SBRJ as this was reported earlier as well

@JT8D did you take a screenshot of the ATC command menu showing the absence of the RAIS command? That could help to confirm.


Thanks for the answer! Already landed, but when approaching again i will do!

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