Can't reply to a Topic

Lately I’ve been having issues replying to certain topics. I replied to it but 2 mins later it isn’t thier anymore. The first time I did this and it didn’t work I refreshed my browser but even that didn’t help.

Could be a connection issue? When a reply is being posted, it looks a bit faded to show its being posted. Sometimes it takes a while for a reply to be posted. Just make sure when you reply, wait until the post is no longer faded and hopefully it should appear :)

It is, it was the MD-11 & DC-10 Topic

Your comment could of been removed by a mod. Check if it was a productive comment, if not I’m guessing that’s why. ;)

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I did it twice and it didn’t show up.

For me, sometimes it just takes a weirdly long amount of time to post something and for it to appear.


I’ll wait another 5 mins and see what happens :)

Both of your replies were deleted by us.