Can't renew subscription

I was buying a one year subscription and it said insufficient amount?? And It said it was $79.99 and I have $81


That must mean you need to add funds into your respective app store

No because lts asking for $79 99 and I have $81?

What store is it? Play store or the IOS App store

IOS app store is what Im using

My only guess is you need more money there is probably tax involved so the cost will be more then $79.99
because Insufficient means you don’t have enough funds

I do have more than 79 99 i have 81

Yes i know but 79.99 does not include tax in the purchase so what im saying is the total is probably going to be more then 79.99 so with tax it probably makes your purchase more then 81 dollars that is my only guess as insufficient means there is not enough money in your account to make your purchase

Where do you live? In New Hampshire, there is no Tax involved (Lucky me)

I live in Michigan why???

In MI, the Tax is 4.25% to 4.35%. So it would cost more than $81.00

for 4.25% $79.99 + $3.40 in Sales tax = $83.39
for 4.35% $79.99 + $3.47 in Sales Tax = $83.47

so a Minimum of $84 is required to get a One Year Subscription


Ok thats fine, I just wont buy a subscription, bye

You can always subscribe to other options such as the 6 Months or 1 month

No because I would be saving money buying a one year cause 6 month subscription twice is $100 but $80 for just one

Maybe ask for at least $3 more and then you’ll get it. Never hurts to ask or at least add a bit more to your account to obtain what you want :).

I live in New Hampshire. We aren’t charged Taxes for stuff unless it’s food. So for us New Hampshirites, if it’s $79.99, it’s $79.99

I use Itunes money and the smallest amount avalible is $15

Take into account that due to taxes, it isn’t really $15 (Unless i’m mistaken). It would be a bit more due to taxes.

$15.00 + $0.64 in Sales Taxes = $15.64
$15.00 + $0.65 in Sales Taxes = $15.65

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