Can't renew my subscription via Google play

My subscription ended two days ago. I tried to renew it via Google play because I am an Android user but I failed. Contact my bank and it said that my card is active, there is no problem of money and it’s the problem of Google play payment center. I tried also with the credit card of my brother but had the same problem. Last year I had the same issue but a friend gave the link to make the purchase directly with you and did it with the same card declined by Google play! My question is how can pay without passing by Google? Is it possible to pay directly or transfer the amount via bank or western union or other way.

Hi there,
Have you tried clicking “restore purchases?”


Can you try out this link?

View, Change, Or Cancel Google Play Store Subscription

Let me know if it works,

I have << subscribe now >>

What error are you receiving?

And no there are not other payment options. Payment must be paid via the play store using one of their options.

<< card declined >> but my bank said that my card is active. I had the same problem with Google play last year but I succeeded to renew my subscription via the developers with the same card declined by Google Also I tried with a credit card of my brother but had the same issue, they declined the card also!

You will have to talk to google. Chances are your address may be mismatched between the card and account… As long as it’s not a stolen card…

So you think that I am using a stolen card! Thanks for that conclusion and for the help

That wasn’t his implication at all. Sorry for the confusion there. Your best course of action at this point is to contact the Google PlayStore directly as purchases are managed by the respective store rather than FDS having control over the payment options.

I did at two times but I still have no answer! Also I don’t understand why you have stopped the option of the direct purchase!

Google Playstore isn’t giving you assistance? I would reach out to them to see if there is something blocking you from making a purchase. Also, the Infinite Flight website is in the process of an update so purchasing subscriptions has been disabled from there.

Yes I send them at two times in french and thanks for the help!

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