Can't renew Live subscription

I’m trying to renew my 1 month Live subscription after it ended but am unable to log in to Facebook to renew. Every time I click on it it comes up with an error, I have even tried the website version on IF Account and the same thing happened. Any ideas?

Device: iPad Air

What does the error exactly say? Can you upload a screenshot?

Thank you for contacting support and providing me with a screenshot. Have you verified that you’re using the correct username and password for Google/Facebook?

While I await your response, I will check to see if there are any issues on our end that may be causing this. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we’ll gladly get this resolved for you!



Pretty sure but I’ll double check, and thanks for your trouble.

Just sharing this is part of the problems others are having too.

This is the most probable cause. It’s affecting a lot of people right now.


I trust by now everyone is having the same experience I am having, that is the issue of signing in is resolved on Live subscription, infinite flight community and support. I want to thank everyone responsible on this end. Keep flying!!

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