Cant remove the brakes :(

Hii everyone, i dont know but i cant remove the brakes, i already close the app, restart the phone.

I would love if someone can help me family!!

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Can you further explain the issue?? And maybe some screenshots or a video?

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If it’s not letting you inactivate the parking brake, make sure the master switch and APU are turned on.


When im ready to taxi the buttom of the brakes keeps on, i dont know why
I already try most of the planes, reset thw controls and keeps the same and also put on the apu and batteries so idk :(

Are you referring to the ‘PARK BRAKES’ button on the left side of the HUD? All you should have to do is tap it and the brakes will disengage, is this not the case?

A thing that you may be issuing is a touch problem in your device.

Basically there’s a specific area that the touch don’t work properly or just don’t work. This already happened to me and I had to change the device screen.

(This is just a possibility, I don’t have sure about that, a mod can help you if is a IF problem)

To rule this out, try rotating your device 180°, and see if it works that way. If it does work, it’s an issue with the device screen. If it still doesn’t work, it’s likely another issue.


I wish it was the case

I thought about that but that part of the screen works fine in other apps, this sucks🤦‍♂️


Do you have a joystick or yoke connected?

Joystick, yes

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I’ve had the same issue with my joystick, however I was not sure what exactly caused it. The only solution I had to it was re-installing the app

Edit: I think it was when you assign the brakes 2 times on different buttons. Try to avoid assigning 2 times in the future. Just set it up 1 time correctly

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Got u man, i will try that.
And make sense because i reinstalled the app and then it worked and today was the same so i did but when i connected the joystick again it happened again so i really appreciated bro🙌

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@Skare_008 See if you can find a solution to your parking brake issue in this thread. And if you are using a joystick, please see the above messages.