Can't remember password

I don’t remember my username and password, my game account, how do I retrieve it?

Don’t wanna be negative but…you’re toast 😉

Seriously though: one of the moderators will pick up this issue and contact you.

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Did you link it with a google or Facebook account?


As he said,
And have you tried a email retrieval?

Do you remember the email you used for your account?

If yes, @schyllberg should be able to track your account and tell you your credentials via PM.

^ adding onto the above.

Do you remember your callsign you were last on?
Do you remember your in-game username?

Also if he can’t remember his username or his password I doubt he’d be able to remember his callsign

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I never remember anything😔💔

I want to downgrade to another mobile

If you can’t remember anything then I’m afraid there’s not much you can do. Are you sure you literally can’t remember anything from your account, you’ve completely forgotten any of the details and haven’t got the slightest clue?

So you don’t remember your email used?

If you only have one or two then its worth a short PM’ing Schyllberg and tell him your emails and he will be able to see if there’s any accounts associated with the emails.

I searched my accounts, so I confirmed I have two accounts, one Google and one Facebook

Apologize to me for wasting your precious time

Then do what BC said above, PM seb with both of them and he can find any accounts associated with those emails.

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