Can't Reinstall App

After waking up this morning to check on overnight flight I found that my app had been freezing up but flight still up. When I finally got the app unfrozen it wouldn’t connect to the live server.

I eventually shut it down and tried to restart app but always crashed at startup screen right after can’t reach server. I’ve restarted, cleared system cache and still wouldn’t.

So I uninstalled and now it says unable to install app.

My connection is fine so no issue there. I’m on an AZUS Z10 pad.

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Would this be on the google play store? You may not have enough storage to re download the app at the moment. There are a lot of reasons why your app froze mid flight. Could you send a picture of your attempt of a failed reinstall?

This seems to be an issue not involving Infinite Flight.

To be clear:

  • Do you have enough Storage? If not, follow these steps.

System -> Storage -> Then try to clear up and delete things you dont need.

You could also try to clear up some RAM.

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Fixed, SD card went bad