Cant refill the VC25 AirForceOne again

We actually flying a private long houl record with the German IF-Germany group on Facebook.
We are right now 42hours in the air and refill the Air Force One with the DC10F and it works fine in the begin. But since a few houres ago its dosent work anymore. Are there refill limits for the VC25 in the IF Sim ?



You can’t refuel more than 3 times, which is a limit for the whole refueling feature in general and not only for the VC-25.

I received a support e-mail from a user mentioning this as well… are all of you on version 18.2?

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@schyllberg beat me to the answer whilst I was double checking the facts!

Below is one of the topics to check, which mentions maximum amo But if fuel = 3 times the equivalent of a full tank on the aircraft.

Fighter Aircraft Etiquette

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Yes we are all on the 18.2 update and Yes i know the 3time rule for the DC10F. In the beginn its work fine but now we are trying to refill the VC-25 Air Force One by 4 different group members but it doesent work again. We just trying everething but nothing works.

Hard to tell what’s causing it as you’re currently in session.
I would almost recommend all of you in the tankers restart your session at a nearby airport and try again.

Also this we have try but doesent work. I think personally it is a problem with the IF aap (bugs issues). Maybe are 40 houres and more to much for the IF Sim ?
But anyway … thanks for the support i appreciate that and we will keep trying to refill for the Long Houl Record 😀👍🏻

Sounds very odd.
We did have a refueling issue in the previous version, but that was fixed in 18.2
I’ll definitely have a look at it, if there’s some variable except for the 3-time policy that could affect this.

Okay thank you for the fast support… maybe we have more luck later but the fuel in the VC-25 burning down and we have to hurry up 😬😀


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