Can't reduce visibility

The issue has been around for many months, since the huge update which introduced the scenery. This feature is very important to me. Please reassure me you know and are working on this bug.

What issue are you referring to specifically?

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If you are in live, this shouldn’t be a bug as with global came the introduction of live weather
If you are in solo, you should be able to reduce visibility.
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The problem appears in Solo. Please see the screenshot.

Try this;
Go to the button in the bottom right
Then click on weather from there and see if that works

What is your visibility set to in your weather settings?

Press the three lines icon at the bottom and then click on weather.

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Ive had this issue before, and the only Real solution I could find was to Delete the app, power down my device, power it back on, re-download the app, and finally, to slowly reduce the visibility.

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I don’t know if the question is how to lower it or he is lowering it and it is not updating. Let’s wait for a response.


I noticed the same issue. On the live server, the METAR at KLAX was showing a visibility of 4SM yet, it looked as clear as if it was 10SM+

This is exactly what I am doing. When I reduce visibility, the sky changes to milky white, but the landscape is visible without limit.

This was happening to me a bit back I figured out that by restarting your device completely fly on live once then go back to solo. Weirdly that worked for me.

This is exactly how I change it. I tried to re-install the app. I tried to re-start the flight. I tried everything I could. The bottom line is: sky is changing visibility, but not landscape. This issue began when Google Earth-like landscape was introduced. I will try to uninstall and reboot my iPad, as it was suggested.

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I tried to uninstall the app, reboot, reinstall and RELOGIN (which activates the nice landscape). Nothing helps. See the screenshots.

I also tried to clear the scenery cache in the settings to no avail. I also noticed that in some airports (Lincoln, NE, for example) the sky changes its color, but not landscape. In San Fransisco, however, even sky refuses to change its color. It is definitely a bug.

By the way, I recently experienced another bug that I cannot reproduce: I managed to fly under the ground! I even have a screenshot.

usually because of corrupt files. But what is your device? is it Jailbroken or rooted in anyway?

Have you tried changing the temperature? That helps me. Try making it lower


iPad Pro 9.7’'. Not jailbroken.

It works! Thank you Delta350!

Jeez, it’s a ridiculous connection!

Should I report this bug somewhere else aside of this thread?

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I wouldn’t call it a bug. Realistically, visibility varies with temperature thus, when you increase/lower your temperature your visibility will change with it.

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