Can't record? Solution for Android

Record Screen issue on Android [SOLVED]

I’ve noticed that i am unable to record my screen… I tought it was my device because i was getting a message saying Device not supported . I fixed this by doing the steps below

Step 1
Go to settings

Step 2
Open Applications and click on Application Manager

Step 3
Scroll and look for Infinite Flight, click on it

Step 4
Click on Permissions

Step 5
Allow acces to Infinte Flight by clicking Storage

I hope this might help those who can’t record their screens

Oct 🤘


Excellent, I don’t need this yet to my bookmarks for later. Thank you child


Nice topic, but I think this belongs in #general.

P.S.: Is this iOS or Android?

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This belongs to Android

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This worked for me on Android! Many thanks!

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No problem! Always here to help.

I’ve also seen creating a Movies folder somewhere will help you to record.

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I tried but i realised i already have that folder…

Thank you so much! 😭😍

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Always here to help 😊

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Updated this topic a bit

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